Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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The Court lets you keep most, if not all of your property, when
you file for Bankruptcy. The reason is that the Court does not want you to have to go right back into debt, after you file, so they will let you keep your car, all your household possessions, your home and your retirement accounts.

I file your case "electronically". That is when the Bankruptcy
Protection starts. About 4 weeks later, you will need to go to the Court and meet with a Bankruptcy Trustee. They will have reviewed your paperwork and will ask for documents proving your identity, i.e. driver's license and social security card. They will then ask you to verify that you listed all of your debts and all of your assets. They will then ask if any creditors are present with any questions (which their almost never are) and then you are free to go. The whole process takes only a few minutes.

The Court will issue a discharge of your debts and your case will
be concluded. Contrary to what you may hear, a Bankruptcy will only have a negative effect on you for a few years. It will not ruin your credit for the rest of your life. Once one begins "re-building" their credit, most people can get a car loan, a home loan and even new credit cards within a few years.

Court Filing Fees
These are fees set and charged by the court and are required to
file any bankruptcy in addition to any attorneys fees. These fees do not go to the attorney. These court filing fees for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy are currently $335.00.

Attorney's Fees
That said, in addition to filing fees, the cost for a simple Chapter 7 bankruptcy starts at $1,500 for an individual filing and $2,000 for a joint filing - and I accept monthly payments. Call me for a customized quote tailored to your case. Please note that Motion work, Litigation within your bankruptcy are extra and billable at my current hourly rate.  

**Please call or e-mail me for a more specific quote tailored to your particular situation or for a quote on unbundled services if you are seeking a specific service, as the quotes listed on my website are intended only as a guideline.